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"I really look forward to my weekly dose of mind and body therapy. Pilates eases my stresses and strains away in a calm and understated way. Not only that, but I come away from my hour with a toned tummy and a spring in my step - it's great!"

"Pilates has restored my physical strength and flexibility and changed the way I move. Pilates has restored my optimism and the way I think about my body. Pilates sessions are a source of joy"

"I have a spinal problem and, although I have been going to a class for just a few months, Pilates is already making a huge difference to my quality of life. For the first time in 40 years I have been offered positive ways of improving and coping with my condition, tailored to me."

"I started going to Pilates with Carol, about 3 years ago, because I had problems with my back. I suffer from Osteo Arthritis, which means that many of my joints are stiff and achy at times. Pilates helps by keeping my joints supple and therefore less painful. As a bonus, it's hugely improved my posture too. My sessions are 'one-to-one' which is great as it's specific to me."

"Pilates simply makes you stronger
Pilates gives you better posture"

"I’ve been having individual Pilates lessons with Carol for about 3 years. Before that, a while ago, I attended one of her excellent courses. I can’t recommend Pilates and Carol’s teaching highly enough. At a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and come away feeling much better and more flexible, and I have found that old aches and pains are much relieved. As a singing teacher, I’ve found Carol’s insights invaluable."

"What a fantastic experience for our Infant children. Differentiated activities for each age group and so well explained in child talk. Many of our parents were very interested in the activity and actively sought information about what we were offering. Staff used activities in the classroom as follow up linked to the curriculum." (Infant Teacher)

"Pilates has helped me enormously. Before starting Pilates my hip was slipping out of place almost weekly and it was very painful to put it back. It hasn’t slipped out of place for over a year and this is all thanks to pilates. It has improved my posture and has made me realise I might have some stomach muscles after all!"

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Carol Fieldhouse

Carol Fieldhouse

Carol is a Pilates Foundation teacher with 10 years experience of Pilates teaching and a background in Dance.

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Individual attention and a programme of exercises specific to your needs

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